Intermediate's Workout Plan Week 8 - Day 1

** This workout will be a bit different. I like to challenge my clients to try new types of workouts. Many of you may have heard of “Crossfit”. It’s very popular and you may think that you could never do it. Well I have news for you…that’s simply not true. Below will be crossfit style workouts for you to do at home with the few pieces of equipment we use (mostly just using your own body weight) along with variations so any level can do it! You’ll want to get a timer or spot watch because most of these workouts are timed so that you can write down your progress and see how you improve for week to week! Do the best you can and take breaks as needed.  Watch the exercise move videos in advance so you know how to do the moves before starting the workouts.

Day 1 (I like to start day one of workouts on a Monday but you can start any day you’d like):

Warm-up (the warm-up will be a bit longer then normal I want to make sure you warm up the muscle groups you’ll be using).
30 seconds of jogging in place or jumping jacks
5 toy soldier kicks (on each leg so a total of 10)
2 push-ups (You can do these against the wall or on your knees- see video)
3 squats
Hold Plank for 15 seconds
Repeat this 2 more times and you’re all warmed up!

You will be doing 10 Rounds (meaning you’ll do the full exercises listed 10 times) for TIME (so you’re just trying to push yourself as much as you can and keep a watch near you to see how you do. Take as many breaks as needed. This is about pushing yourself, not comparing yourself to others!)

-10 push ups (on your knees or your feet)
-10 sit ups (or 10 scissor kicks if you prefer).
-10 squats (focus on proper form and go down low!)

*** So again, you’ll be doing 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups (or scissor kicks) and 10 squats back to back and then repeating  (push-ups, sit-ups, squats) 9 more times for a total of 10 rounds (that’s a total of 100 reps of each move!). Take breaks as needed, but push yourself and time your progress!

Great job! Your workout is complete. Make sure to stretch as you cool down.   I typically hold each stretching move for 30 seconds.

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  • 2/24/2014


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