Quest Bar Healthy Pop Tart

Quest Bar Healthy Pop Tart

Servings: 1 (You could easily cut this in half and share it but I find most people won't it's too good! ha) 

Calories per serving: 410
  • 2 Vanilla Almond Crunch Quest Bar
  • Sugar-free jam (your flavor preference) *You can instead mass up fresh berries I've done that before with fresh raspberries and added a tsp of chia seeds and let it set up overnight in fridge) 
Remove Quest bars and place them on a microwave safe plate. Microwave for about 5-7 seconds just so they are easier to work with. Using parchment paper and a rolling pin roll out both bars until they are two larger, rectangular pieces (think pop tart size here). Put 1-2 Tablespoons of your sugar-free jam (or homemade kind like noted above) on top of one of the two rectangular pieces. I like to start by putting it in the middle and then spreading it out a bit but leaving most of it in the middle (it spreads out upon cooking). Place the other quest bar on top of it. Press the edges together with a fork so that it "crimps" and stays in place. Make sure to go around the whole thing so none of the jam squeezes out before eating. Broil in your oven for four minutes. 
Tip: You can also mix a bit of protein powder with natural peanut butter and spread a thin layer on top of your bar, add a few sprinkles... it'll feel like a real pop tart!  This can be a breakfast substitute because it's low in sugar (only two grams) and packed with protein! 
*Note all recipes are variations or creations from the makers of Quest bars. Tried (and enjoyed) by me and shared to help satisfy your cravings! 
  • By admin
  • 3/24/2014


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