Phase 3 Meal Plan- Week 1 - Day 4 (Fat Loss, Gluten-Free, Dairy- Free and Diabetic Friendly)

Day 4

First thing upon waking up drink a 16.9 oz. bottle of water (or approximately 2 cups worth).

*I always recommend eating breakfast (meal 1) within 30 minutes of waking up.

Meal 1 –(Approx. 275-300 calories) Egg Puffies- Re-heat 3-4 egg puffies (depending how many muffin it made, just use 1 of the 3 servings). You can top with salsa or hot sauce if you’d like.

Meal 2 - (Approx. 3 hours later, Approx. Calories 250) –1/3 cup (5 Tablespoons approx.) of Hummus (to use as dip for your veggies in this snack, approx. 170 calories) with sliced cucumbers and celery sticks (as many as you’d like)

Meal 3 - (Approx. 3 hours later, Approx. 400 calories) – Chicken & Veggie Salad- Two cups worth of mixed greens, 1 chicken breast, sliced (you can cut the chicken breast into whatever size pieces you’d like for your salad), ½ bell pepper (sliced), ¼ cucumber sliced, small handful of cherry tomatoes, ½ handful of nuts/seeds of your choosing (optional) and 1-2 Tablespoons of balsamic vinaigrette dressing.   

Meal 4 - (Approx. 3 hours later, Approx. 130-150 calories) –1 scoop whey protein or other protein of your choice (mixed with water) and a side of ¼ cup blueberries.

Meal 5 (Approx. 3 hours later, Approx. 350-400 calories) – 1 serving of Salsa Chicken (1 chicken breast worth) with 1 cup of Summer Squash (sautéed in olive oil with a bit of sea salt to taste). 

Meal 6 (Your Pre and Post Workout Meal, Approx. 100-125 calories) – You only consume this on the days that you workout. If you skip a workout you skip this meal. Use 1 scoop of your protein powder and mix with recommended water (should say on the protein bottle how much water to shake it up with), drink 1/3 of the shake 30 min-1 hour pre workout (regardless of if you workout in the morning or at night) and then the remaining 2/3rds of the shake immediately following the workout.

***If you are a MAN or woman that is pregnant or breastfeeding you’ll want to add in approximately 300 calories to your meal plan daily. See suggestions listed previously. 

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  • 5/29/2014



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