Love Yourself To Greater Health

I recently went to see the doctor. Even though I eat clean and work out regularly, my energy levels just weren’t what they should be. I had been feeling tired, worn out before the day was even half over. Turns out I have a thyroid issue. But the surprising part? My doctor said thyroid (among other health issues) could be alleviated by working on what is inside.

That is how this challenge was born. I wanted to combat my stress levels (which were negatively affecting my thyroid) by focusing on my relationship with my inner self, but I didn’t want to do it alone! So I built a daily challenge that I could do along with my email subscribers to help uplift everyone. The program worked so well that I’ve decided to offer it to you!

I want to get you – my followers – stepping OFF the scale for a bit, spending less time criticizing yourself and more time being kinder to who you truly are, deep down. I want to give you a foundation of success that you could build off of for years to come.

This program has both physical and mental challenges to push you to love every little bit of yourself (or at least, to start). You can track your progress daily on our challenge forms so you can see just how awesome you are doing.

This program also includes five weeks worth of healthy, delicious daily meal plans, along with grocery lists and snack substitution lists, since eating clean can have a huge impact on how you feel both inside and out.

I promise you, there is literally NO chance of failure with this program. Take the leap. Decide today to love yourself to greater health. I’ll be right here with you every step of the way!

- Lynn

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