21 ways to Effortlessly Healthy Living Health Summit!

21 ways to Effortlessly Healthy Living Health Summit!

I want you to meet one of my friends, who is a former bikini fitness model turned health and body-image mentor.
Her name is Mary Jelkovsky and she learned the hard way that “exercising more” and “eating less” is the most destructive thing you can do to your body.
I remember, a few years back, being so tired, that I could fall asleep at a stoplight. I remember waking up with no energy or motivation for the day, despite the fact that I had slept all night long. I remember feeling depressed, having racing thoughts, being unable to focus, and going to see my doctor who told me I was bipolar, and prescribed me a bunch of medication with more side effects, than benefits. I remember the relief I felt when I went to see a women’s hormone specialist, who told me I was not bipolar, but instead, I had a hormonal imbalance. And I’ll NEVER forget how I felt when I started to heal my hormonal imbalances- it felt like I got a second chance at life. 
That’s why I was thrilled when Mary told me she was hosting an interview series all around this topic, which was actually born out of her own struggles as a yo-yo dieter and binge eater. She uncovers how to live in harmony with your body AND achieve ultimate health.
It’s called: Effortlessly Healthy Living: find freedom from dieting, lose weight naturally, and love your body!
As you can see from my own experience, hormone health is EVERYTHING. Hormones are responsible for how good we feel, if we have enough motivation to work out, how much sleep we get, how we treat others, and how we show up in this world. 
Many of us are suffering from one form of hormonal imbalance or another that is affecting the quality of our life, so of COURSE, I couldn’t say no to Mary when she asked to interview me on the topic of hormonal health for her health summit. 
Here is the complimentary access link for you to view not only my interview, but get access to the entire health summit! You can get access using this link: http://www.maryscupoftea.com/qorw

Just so you know, you will be able to watch from your home, office, or mobile phone as it is all online!
This is for the women who want to create a healthy lifestyle but are challenged with unsustainable diets, weight challenges, or lack of self-love. 
Me and 20 other experts in the field of health, fitness, and body-image are uniting to help you create well-being in your life without restrictive dieting or over-exercising. Together, we want to help you with the “HOW” behind Effortlessly Healthy Living.
Get access here: http://www.maryscupoftea.com/qorw

This is a great free resource for anyone in my community who is battling their body with endless diets, weight challenges, or self-neglect (AND if you want health, vitality, and freedom in any and all aspects of life!). 
This is an opportunity I wish I had when I was losing my mind, living in fear that I was bipolar and would have to go on some pretty serious medications. This is why I am so glad Mary is hosting this and that I get to share it with you.
You can register for the Effortlessly Healthy Living Summit here: http://www.maryscupoftea.com/qorw
With much love and many tacos,
P.S. Invite your friends to help them transform their mindset around health and join you in effortlessly healthy living!

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  • 7/24/2017


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