Dee Knell's Testimonial for Love Yourself to Better Health

Dee Knell's Testimonial for Love Yourself to Better Health

Back in February, I started a program I dubbed, "Love Yourself to Better Health." The reason being, I had just been diagnosed with a thyroid issue and my doctor recommended I work on lowering my stress. And if we’re being honest, what woman can’t say that part of her stress is caused by not being happy about some part of her body?


That’s why I decided to start this challenge – to lower my stress and increase my happiness by starting to love myself fully and completely, inside and out – and to do it alongside others so we could become a community of support and praise for what we are truly capable of.


Dee Knell is a dear follower who took the challenge right along with me, and I am so glad that she shared her testimonial with us!


“When I first saw the 30 challenge on Instagram and read about how it wasn't just about physical health but mental and emotional health as well, I knew this was what I had been looking for. Lynn's daily challenges, meal plans, checklists, and overall encouragement changed my life. I finally feel like I have a grasp on what is healthy for me and what isn't. Not only did I lose 12 pounds, but I feel stronger. I feel happier. And I feel overall healthier. I'm so grateful for this challenge because it gave me the tools I need to do another 30 days and hopefully for the rest of my life!!! Thank you Lynn for helping me! You are an inspiration and an amazing woman!!!”


And Dee is a rockstar because she stuck with the plan for longer than the initial 30-day period and sent in another happy report!


“Hi Lynn! So I know we stopped doing the 30-day challenge a month ago but I had to email you. I have still been using all of the tools you sent us and I feel even better. I have a new before and after. I'm only 8 months postpartum from my 3rd baby (3 babies in 3.5 years) but I feel better then I have since I was married! I even ran a half marathon last weekend. Thank you again for giving me the tools, the strength, the knowledge and the emotional well being to find my healthy balance!


Much love,

Dee Knell”

Check out her AMAZING before and after’s! Dee you did fantastic and I am so proud of you!

If you’d like to try my “Love Yourself to Better Health” program, it is now available for download here. It has daily health challenges, a five-week meal plan, a snack substitution list and a health tracker. There is literally no chance that you can fail at this because every step towards loving yourself more is a step in the right direction!  


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  • 7/20/2015


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