Jessica's Progress!

Jessica's Progress!

Hi guys! I've been loving this 30 day “love yourself” challenge I've been doing that you've all been participating in. It is so fun to see women band together and lift each other up in a world that can be hard and difficult.

The other day, I received this transformation post from one of our “love yourself” followers, Jessica, via email and she gave me her permission to share it with you.


“While I haven't been officially doing a challenge from you til now, I've been following your Instagram and trying your recipes and workouts I can find! And just generally loving your positive outlook and encouragement! This took five months, which feels like a really long time. But it was crazy to look back and see a change when I didn't ever notice anything day by day. The weight difference here is only about 6-7 pounds, but I think my middle looks much different than that! I had a c section so getting control of those muscles again was tough :). I just wanted to say thanks and it's been fun connecting for this free 30 day challenge!”


 - Jessica, @jltwilkinson


Jessica – you're killing it girlfriend! It's so great to see change in ourselves from all of our hard work.

She also mentioned how much she loved home workouts, since having a baby at home makes it a bit more difficult to get into the gym. (If you'd like to try my home workouts and meal plans, you can sign up here!)

It's also important for me to point out that sometimes change isn't as blatant as we're expecting to see on the scale – this is because women tend to burn fat and regain it as muscle, and muscle is more dense. However, changes may be more obvious if you're measuring yourself, use a bod pod test, get blood work done, or even just notice a change in how you feel day to day: you might have more energy, better sleep, more clear skin, and feel happier overall. YOU are the one who determines your success, not a number. Keep it up ladies, you are all so beautiful and I am so happy we have this little slice of the internet to share together!

 - Lynn

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  • 3/30/2015


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