Mollie's Transformation & Testimonial

Mollie's Transformation & Testimonial

Loved reading Mollie's email today and wanted to share her experience on the site and her progress photos. 


I just wanted to say thank you for the August challenge! My family was already doing some kind of a health challenge that we started in June, but I believe your August challenge really pushed me and made everything click in my head. I have a desire to eat healthy. I feel as though my whole view on health has changed! Sure I still have my hard days (which was unfortunately last week, which is why I didn't have as much results as I wanted. I was still happy to see something, though!), but I won't give up continuing to eat healthy. I love how you made me accountable to email my numbers every week! You taught me that it is ok to have hard days, but to be successful we need to keep pushing forward and stand back up when we fall down! I weighed myself a few months ago and I was just 5 lbs short of where I wanted to be, so I stopped looking at the scale quite honestly! I am now more focused on being healthy and gaining more muscle... instead of focusing on the number on the scale. :) I believe after all these years of trying to loose those few extra pounds (thank you freshman 15 -_-) something clicked in my head, and I have no desire to stop. :) Thanks again for the extra push, it was just what I needed. You should definitely do more of these monthly challenges, I loved it!! :) 
xo from Sweden!
  • By admin
  • 9/4/2014


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